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Tiger In A Tropical Storm Surprised

Henri Julien Rousseau

Tiger In A Tropical Storm   Surprised - Henri Julien  Rousseau -

Title:Tiger In A Tropical Storm Surprised
Painted by:Henri Julien Rousseau
Location:National Gallery, London, England

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that is a great painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by hiyru on 14.October 2009, 16:19

i love his paintings
Posted by fran on 19.March 2010, 12:22

his paintings are very neive an childlike and i think that they have inspired more painters and beginers, to just let loose. xoxoxo

Posted by pheobe on 7.May 2010, 02:48

a bit boring but good
Posted by becky on 7.March 2011, 06:55

great painting :)

Posted by Clare on 17.May 2011, 12:01

i like this one
the painting what els???
Posted by a gye on 3.November 2011, 08:05

fail but still is all right

Posted by bob on 4.June 2012, 07:05

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