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Henri Julien Rousseau

Surprise! - Henri Julien  Rousseau -

Painted by:Henri Julien Rousseau

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We had to draw Suprise and then analyse another picture drew by Henri Rousseau. It was really hard drawing the Suprise!
We did this for Homework!
Posted by - - - - - - - - - on 18.March 2009, 15:57

I also have had to redraw and colour this painting for homework and I am only a yer 7 student (11yrs old)!

Posted by Ed on 22.March 2009, 12:22

I am doing an art project and I chose to do it on Henri Rousseau. I was just trying to look up when Suprise! was painted when I came across this site.

Posted by Annabel on 22.May 2009, 16:09

This painting is such a good painting to redrawing in lesson's, to includ all the different texture's! i redrew this painting in lesson before, after many attemps i gradually got better at drawing it!

Posted by Emily! on 13.December 2010, 12:56

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