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Sleeping Gypsy

Henri Julien Rousseau

Sleeping Gypsy - Henri Julien  Rousseau -

Title:Sleeping Gypsy
Painted by:Henri Julien Rousseau

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What an inspiration his work is! I have chills knowing that this humble self taught genius produced such great work, and still the critics doubt him! He is a master, who should be remembered as a great, inspirational artist!
His work is Sublime!!!
Posted by Jenn Mourin on 7.November 2010, 11:14

Rousseau is the greatest artist who ever lived in my opinion! This work in particular is simply magical. It is beyond words to describe it.

Posted by Leon on 27.October 2011, 15:01

This is one of my favorite paintings from any artist. To the there is a kind of accidental surrealism in it. The moon in Rousseau's works reminds me of Rene Magritte a lot; Rousseau's moons are full and Magritte's crescents.
The moon and Rousseau
Posted by Bill Bauta on 1.January 2012, 20:35

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